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Welcome to our home

A home is often the beginning of a story. It is the starting point for love, hope and dreams.

The magic of a home is that it feels good to leave, but it feels even better to return to. Home is where love lives, memories are made, friends are always welcome and the laughter never stops. Come along. Make our home part of your story.

Please contact us if you have a family celebration or if you want to have a conference in our beautiful conference building. If you need accommodation for a longer period with access to your own kitchen/pantry, please let us know about that too.

our history

Smålandsgården was built by two independent sisters, Anna and Esther Falck-Persson. during the 1920’s. Anna and Esther were from Gothenburg and appreciated the peace and quiet here in Örserum. They thought more working class people should be allowed to come here for recreation. In particular, the sisters felt that people with rheumatic problems would benefit from bathing in Lake Ören.

The plant was officially inaugurated in 1931. After the sisters’ deaths in the late 1940s, the facility was run by the Salvation Army. Many have visited Smålandsgården in search of relaxation in beautiful nature.

The Lorentzon family bought Smålandsgården in 2013. The ambition is to slowly but surely renovate these old wooden buildings in order to preserve and develop the business for future generations.

Sustainability Policy

It feels important for us to be able to contribute to something more than just the occasional overnight stay and meal. We see thriving communities where business, forestry, agriculture and waterways are all connected. We want to leave all this that creates the great guest experience today for future generations. That’s why we need to do what we can here and now.

Here you can read about what we do to take responsibility for our impact on society, from an environmental, social and economic perspective. We are constantly working to improve our sustainability goals to become even better.

Energy consumption

Knowing that one of our biggest pressures today is heating, we choose options that have less impact on the environment. All our electricity is fossil-free and we even have our own solar plant. We have an investment plan for energy saving measures and have installed geothermal and air source heat pumps. We also make sure that our operations are as energy efficient as possible.

Living countryside

You’ll find delicious flavours in our kitchen, where we cook with seasonal ingredients and, as far as possible, locally produced and Swedish food. By shopping mainly locally and seasonally, we support small farms and food producers. When raw materials need to be supplemented, we broaden the map to the region, Sweden and Europe.

Cleaning, laundry and dishes

Another choice we make every day is to work only with eco-labelled options for cleaning, laundry and dishwashing.


We work to recycle as much material as we can in relation to the amount of combustible waste. This applies to the kitchen, the hotel and property management and development.

Examples of what we do every day:

Electric cars are welcome

Year 2022, a total of 110,177 electric cars are registered for use in Sweden. Compared to 2021, when the number was around 57 500, this means almost a doubling in one year. To ensure that our guests can charge without worrying, we installed four charging points in 2020. We have plans to install more charging stations over time.

Solar PV system

We have our own photovoltaic system that generates an average of 60,000 kW per year. The installation of charging stations increases our overall energy consumption despite energy saving measures. The solar plant will reduce our burden on infrastructure and the environment. We have plans to increase production in our own solar plant.

Operations – Save the bees

Bees are vital to our food production, but our wild gardeners are under threat. One third of Sweden’s wild bee species are on the verge of extinction. Now we’re turning the tide together and saving the bees. Smålandsgården sponsors the work of the Nature Conservation Society and has created a small meadow where the bees can thrive.

Cake pops of leftover coffee

Do you have leftover cake, buns or cookies at home? Then cake pops are the perfect way to make use of leftovers instead of throwing them away. You can also make the balls and freeze them, then take them out and dip them in chocolate and sprinkles before serving.

Own food fund on leftovers

Leftovers and vegetable waste are something we get lots of. And it doesn’t have to go down the trash at all, but can used. When we peel and consider washed vegetables and root vegetables before a meal, we save ALL the vegetables and root vegetables. Put it in a pot with a lid, cover with water and add salt. You can also season with bay leaves and peppercorns. Bring to the boil, then simmer for about two hours.

Some of our local producers and partners

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